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About Us
For more than 100 years, John E. Maloney Funeral Home has provided quality funeral care services for those in need. Our commitment to the families we serve continues today with the same compassion and sensitivity expressed by our founder, John E. Maloney, in 1897.

John E. Maloney Funeral Home
1359 West Devon Avenue - Chicago, Illinois  60660

Our History
John E. Maloney, the namesake for today's John E. Maloney Funeral home, was born in Chicago in 1876 to parents who immigrated to Chicago from Ireland. At the age of 21, John began his career as an undertaker when he joined the firm of Mullen & Maloney. Mullen & Maloney was located at 1657 North Paulina Street.

The year 1897, after conducting business with his partner for two years, Maloney purchased the interest of Mr. Mullen and continued to serve the Chicago area for 20 years. In 1912 he purchased the property and continued the home-like atmosphere in one of the best-equipped facilties in the Midwest. The early traditions of John E. Maloney continue today, as does the name. Currently, the John E. Maloney Funeral Home is owned by none other than John Maloney.

John Maloney Tom Gosse

John E. Maloney
President, Funeral Director
40 years of service

Thomas J. Gosse
Funeral Director
20 years of service.

Welcome to our Funeral Home. We strive to offer families a comfortable atmosphere in which to mourn their loss. Please take a moment to see what our facility has to offer. Of course, if you would like to stop by to see our funeral home, we warmly welcome visitors.


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